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Health Research in Nepal

All researchers interested in conducting health-related research in Nepal must get prior approval from the Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC) or associated institutional review committees before they proceed. Note that these committees are usually in teaching hospitals with authority delegated from NHRC for approving research.

Prospective researchers should apply to carry out health research on NHRC’s research application form (Research Proposal Approval Format). Completed forms can be submitted by email. Note the form’s checklist for applicants at the end of the form.

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Important points to note:
  • “If the Principal Investigator is a non-Nepali citizen, at least one co-investigator should be a Nepali citizen who is related to the subject to be researched.” (Checklist point 6)
  • “Consent form should be in Nepali & local language (if necessary)” (Checklist point 11).
  • “Data collection tools should be in Nepali and the local language (if necessary) including interview guidelines focus group discussion guidelines, observation checklists, questionnaires, and other tools.” (Checklist point 12)
  • The NHRC processing fee is 3% of the cost of the research for research costing more than $10,000 and $100 if the cost is less (as of September 2014).

All applications have to be approved by NHRC’s ethical review board (ERB). All potential researchers should therefore read the National Ethical Guidelines for Health Research in Nepal And Standard Operating Procedures before they finalise their research design and submit their application to NHRC. Especially note part 5.5 of the guidelines that calls for externally sponsored research to meet international standards in its activities in Nepal.

All applications are reviewed by qualified external reviewers who often provide useful pointers for adjusting applications prior to their submission to the Ethical Review Board. Complete applications will usually take at least one month to process.

Health Link encourages researchers to raise awareness, share knowledge, experience, and/or evidence that complements and helps in strengthening overall equitable health systems delivery in Nepal:

  • Share your publications and research on the Health Link portal
  • Share experiences, practice, evidence reviews and research with health professionals’ academicians, student, researchers, policy makers and practitioners.
  • Participate in interactions with others working in similar research areas.



  • NHRC research application form
  • National Ethical Guidelines For Health Research in Nepal And Standard Operating Procedures
  • NHRC health research grant application (meant mainly for Nepalese researchers)

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