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Maternal & child health

Maternal and child health care is a complex of state and public measures aimed at strengthening the health of women and children and improving the demographic situation, ensuring the healthy all-round development of youth and children. Below you can read our articles on this topic, created together with the authors of the 123helpme service.

  • 2011-Adaptation of verbal autopsy method to interpret cause of still birth & neonatal death
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  • 2012-Association between clean delivery kit use, clean delivery practice, and neonatal survival
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  • 2012-Demographics and diagnoses at rural health camps in Nepal
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  • 2013-Disabled women's maternal and newborn health care in rural Nepal
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  • 2013-Point prevalence of otitis media in secondary school children in Pokhara, Nepal-Abstract
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  • 2013-Predictors of psychological distress among postnatal mothers in rural Nepal
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  • 2013-Rural-urban disparities in child nutrition in Bangladesh & Nepal
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  • 2014-Do mobile family planning clinics facilitate vasectomy use in Nepal-Abstract
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  • 2014-Exploring the first delay-A study of home deliveries in Makwanpur Nepal
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  • 2014-How to reach every newborn. 3 key messages
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  • 2014-Is essential newborn care provided by institutions and after home births
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  • 2014-Understanding psychological distress among mothers in rural Nepal
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  • Simkhada, B, van Teijlingen E, Porter, M, Simkhada, P. (2006) Major problems and key issues in Maternal Health in Nepal (Review article), Kathmandu University Medical Journal, 4(2): 261-266.
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  • Dhakal, S., Chapman, G., Simkhada, P., van Teijlingen E., Stephens J., Raja, A.E. (2007) Utilisation of postnatal care among rural women in Nepal, BMC Pregnancy & Childbirth 7(19).
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  • Simkhada, B., van Teijlingen E., Porter, M., Simkhada, P. (2008) Factors affecting the utilisation of antenatal care in developing countries: a systematic review of the literature, Journal of Advanced Nursing 61(3): 244-260.
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  • Teijlingen van, E., Simkhada, P., Ireland, J. (2010) Lessons learnt from undertaking maternity-care research in developing countries. Evidence-based Midwifery 8(1): 12-6.
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  • Simkhada, B., Porter, M., van Teijlingen, E. (2010) The role of mothers-in-law in antenatal care decision-making in Nepal: A qualitative study. BMC Pregnancy & Childbirth 10(34)
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  • Baral, Y.R, Lyons, K., Skinner, J, van Teijlingen, E. (2010) Determinants of skilled birth attendants for delivery in Nepal Kathmandu University Medical Journal 8(3): 325-332.
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  • Acharya, D.R., Bell, J., Simkhada, P., van Teijlingen E., Regmi, P.R. (2010) Women’s autonomy in decision-making for health care: A demographic study in Nepal. Reproductive Health 9(15)
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  • Dhakal, S., van Teijlingen, E., Simkhada, P., Dhakal, K.B., Stephens J., Chapman, G., Raja, A.E. (2011) Antenatal care among women in rural Nepal: A community-based study. Online Journal of Rural Nursing & Health Care 11 (2): 76-87.
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  • Dhakal, S., van Teijlingen, E., Raja, A.E., Dhakal, K.B. (2011) Skilled care at birth among rural women in Nepal: practice & challenges Journal of Health, Population & Nutrition 29 (4): 371-378.
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  • Simkhada, P.P., van Teijlingen, E, Sharma, G., Simkhada, B., Townend, J. (2012) User costs and informal payments for care in the largest maternity hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal, Health Science Journal 6(2): 317-334.
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