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Promoting cooperation in the health sector between the people of Britain and Nepal

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The strong links between Nepal and the UK in Nepal’s health sector date back to the 1950s. The UK government and a number of UK agencies have played a major role in supporting the development of Nepal’s health services. UK-led programmes have helped address Nepal’s need for trained, specialised human resources and in recent years have supported maternal and child health and access to free health care. You can use our custom book review service to further improve your understanding about the topic in hand.

The connections are more than this as many UK health professionals have gained invaluable experience working in Nepal on the above programmes and a cadre of UK trained Nepalese doctors are now working in the UK, in Nepal and elsewhere.

Greatly improved health in Nepal
There has been a more than doubling of the life expectancy in Nepal from less than 30 years in the 1950s to 68 years in 2012!
Nepal is on track to meet the Millennium Development Goals for reducing child mortality (MDG 4), improving maternal health (MDG 5) and combatting communicable diseases (MDG 6).


The Health Link initiative will capitalise on and build on the history of UK—Nepal collaboration in the health sector. Itaims to enhance contacts and dialogue between health workers, researchers and other stakeholders who have an interest in Nepalese health issues and provide easy access to the work of UK and Nepalese academic institutions, governmental and non-governmental agencies that work on health in Nepal.

The Health Link initiative is made up of:

  • the Health Link website
  • the Health Forum series of seminars and discussions on current health topics in Nepal.

The British Nepal Medical Trust (BNMT) is the Health Link secretariat.

The Website

The Health Link website is a portal for UK-Nepal health sector coordination and cooperation. The major focus is on sharing experiences and knowledge on health in Nepal, generating discussions on current health issues, and providing information about working in Nepal and for UK individuals and philanthropic organisations who are considering supporting work in Nepal.

The website provides links to and information on organisations working on health in Nepal and publications on health in Nepal that have a UK connection. Links are also provided to Government of Nepal organisations and publications.

The Working in Nepal part of the website provides information for UK students who wish to become interns or volunteers or carry out research in Nepal. The site also serves as a platform for interns and volunteers to share their experiences of working in Nepal.

The e-discussion part of the website provides a platform for health professionals, researchers and other interested people to discuss topical issues to do with health in Nepal.

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