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In early 2014, a team of three young doctors - Dr. Ruth Eyres and Dr Nicola Dearnley from the UK and Dr. Shraddha Pradhan worked with the BNMT on an internship with the Britain Nepal Medical Trust. During their time with BNMT, they visited a number of government and civil society managed institutions to understand the health systems in Nepal especially on infectious diseases with a focus on tuberculosis. At the end of their internship, the team cam up with a number of innovative ideas on TB case finding building on their experiences both in the United Kingdom and their work experience in Nepal.

Their testimonials are provided below:

Dr Ruth Eyres and Dr Nicola DearnleyDr Ruth Eyres and Dr Nicola Dearnley, United Kingdom
Nicola and I are junior doctors who have completed two years of foundation training in the UK. Both of us are interested in international health and infectious disease so we decided to take a year out of training to gain experience in this. At the same time, we engaged in custom writing in order to improve our skills, organize thoughts and document the acquired knowledge, helping others and making money from it. We were offered an internship in Nepal with BNMT Nepal through Dr Gillian Holdsworth as a chance to experience International Public Health and the role with infectious diseases, in particular Tuberculosis (TB). We have both travelled a great deal but neither of us had been to Nepal before so we jumped at this opportunity.  Whilst in Nepal, with the support of the BNMT team, we worked on finding novel ways to improve Tuberculosis case finding in Nepal. We then created brief concept ideas which could be put forward for funding from international donors. The experience was excellent and we have both learned a great deal. Thank you BNMT!

‘Working with BNMT has helped us understand how International Funding is applied in Nepal. It’s great to see all the hard work that is being done to eradicate Tuberculosis’

‘Thank you for the opportunity to learn about International Public Health in Nepal, it was a very valuable experience to see the work first hand’


Dr Shraddha Pradhan, Nepal

I would like to thank BMNT for providing me the opportunity to be part of their TB project as it proved to be a great learning experience. I was able to experience all the positive steps taken by the organisation such as door to door surveys, effective network of volunteers, proper referral systems and many more in providing health care, particularly early diagnosis and treatment of TB in less privileged communities. During the process I was introduced to Dr Ruth and Dr Nikki and together we were able to meet influential people and organisations o learn about their pivotal role and impact in the field of TB. It provided me insights into the alarming scenario of TB in our country and the indispensable role of BNMT and other organisations in addressing TB. 

Anna Grace TribbleMy name is Anna Grace Tribble
I am an American anthropology student in my last year at university in North Carolina. I worked with BNMT on research for my Senior Honors Thesis in Anthropology. BNMT was the best organization with which to work because of the personnel resources they had to offer. I studied the chain of communication between the DTLOs, the FCHV, and their communities in the districts of Dhanusa and Mahottari. I specifically studied the more urban work of the FCHV in the large municipalities of Janakpur and Jaleshwor. I was able to interview FCHV who were and were not involved in TB Reach. After many interviews and surveys, I am working to understand the gaps in knowledge about tuberculosis between each level. While there is still knowledge that needs to be shared, the FCHV and the communities where I worked strongly associate TB with the biomedical sphere of medicine, a huge victory compared to years past. BNMT Nepal made my research possible!

Chevening Scholarship: Once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity

August 21, 2014

Shiva Bisangkhe Shiva Bisangkhe –Former Lawyer and Programme Officer for Human Rights at the Kathmandu based Alliance for Social Dialogue,
Chevening Scholar (2012/13)

In one fine morning of February 2012, one of my colleagues informed me about call for application for the Chevening Scholarship and encouraged me to apply. I then applied for the scholarship, not expecting much to be selected. About a month later, I received an email from the British Embassy Kathmandu stating that I was selected for interview. I was little bit nervous in the interview; however I was able to convince the interview panel with my straight forward answers that I was the deserving candidate for the scholarship. Subsequently, I got selected. When I received the confirmation letter from the Chevening Secretariat of being awarded with the scholarship, I became so emotional that my eyes were filled with tears. It was a defining moment in my life.

I then applied to the University of York, one of the best universities in the United Kingdom, to study international human rights law and practice. The study in the York University was like a year-long internship that helped me develop the skills and knowledge that I need to hit the ground running when I start work. Field work in Malaysia during the course was a bonus that helped me gain hands on experience of analyzing human rights situation/challenges and designing appropriate advocacy programmes. To sum up, the study enhanced my knowledge base and confidence in the field of human rights and justice.

My Chevening experience has been, in a word, 'enriching'. I have learnt a great many things from British culture, history, language and civilization – and it has been magnificent. As a person hailed from a landlocked country, I was enormously interested to see the ocean. So, in the UK, I did a couple of visits to the sea beaches that made me thrilled. My time in the UK has left an indelible impression on the concept of self, and the life I live. These experiences will have a long-lasting effect in my life both personally and professionally.

I am extremely happy to have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and truly grateful to the Chevening Secretariat and the Government of the United Kingdom for the opportunity given to and trust bestowed on me. At the same time, I feel privileged to be a part of the colossal network of Chevening Scholars and Health Link that I hope would keep on encouraging me to be more energetic and dynamic.

Chevening Scholarship - An experience of Mrs Indu Tuladhar

Dr. Abhilasha Karkey talks about the UK Nepal collaboration, Research and OUCRU- Nepal

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