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Nepalese Organisations in UK

The Embassy of Nepal in London was established as legation in 1934 when Nepal and the United Kingdom decided to exchange Ministers Plenipotentiary and envoys Extraordinary in each other's Court. It was Nepal's first ever diplomatic mission anywhere in the world. The mission was fully upgraded at the Embassy level when the status of the representatives were promoted at the Ambassadorial levels in 1947.


'Nepalese Doctors Association' in the United Kingdom, NDA (UK) is the association for the Nepalese doctors in UK. The aims and objectives of this association are:

  • To establish greater understanding and co-operation amongst the Nepalese doctors in the United Kingdom.
  • To promote and foster good relations between Nepalese doctors residing in the United Kingdom, doctors in Nepal and other members of Medical profession in the UK.
  • To initiate collaboration with similar organisations in Nepal and be of assistance whenever possible.
  • To exchange ideas and thoughts in the field of Medicine with fellow Nepalese doctors living in other countries.
  • To promote cultural exchange with other groups having similar interest.
  • To promote fraternity amongst Nepalese of other walks of life residing in the United Kingdom.

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Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) was established with the purpose of uniting and binding the Nepali Diaspora under one umbrella on 11 October, 2003. In the course of completing 10 years of its existence NRNA has developed into a non-governmental global organization and a network of Nepali origin by establishing National Coordination Council (NCC) in 69 countries to represent its interests, concerns and commitments. Wherever we Nepalis may go or settle, whichever nationality we may possess, we never forget our land of origin, the land which holds our identity and soul. We rejoice in the achievement of our beloved country and her people and are disheartened by their sufferings and failures. Our belief:“Once a Nepali you always remain a Nepali”, is reinforced by our commitment to streamline our energy and resources for the transformation of the Nepali society. It is the duty and responsibility of every nation to promote, represent and safe guard the welfare of its nationals or people of its origin having foreign nationality and this will ultimately be in the interest of the nation. The national interest that can be fulfilled by the diasporas has not been hidden from the international arenas. The network of Nepali Diaspora represented by NRNA has developed itself into a formidable force that can represent Nepali interest globally. Keeping all these in mind, the Government of Nepal has given legal status to Nepali Diaspora by promulgating Non-Resident Nepali Act 2064. For practical purposes Nepali citizens living outside South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) member countries or People of Nepali Origin (PNO) holding foreign nationality other than SAARC nations are considered as NRNs.

The Nepal Scotland Association (NSA), established in 2004, is a charitable members based organisation based in Scotland . NSA organises various programs and celebrates Nepalese religious, cultural, and traditional festivals. There are more than 100 members, active volunteers involved in different social, cultural, and institutional activities in local communities.

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The Society of Nepalese Highly Skilled Migrants, UK was conceptualised in late December 2008 and came into existence from February 2009 as a membership organisation having the following aims and objectives.

We would all like a world where everybody’s basic needs are met and every child has access to an education. The Himalayan Trust UK aims to ensure this happens in the remote mountainous districts of Nepal – in particular the regions surrounding Everest and Kanchenjunga.

Our projects are all requested by the mountain people of Nepal, who contribute to the projects themselves. We are an experienced organisation, continually working to improve how we manage and monitor the work we do.

The Himalayan Trust UK trustees work on an entirely voluntary basis. A modest 2.5% of funds are spent on administration, all in Nepal, all contributing to the local economy.

The Britain-Nepal Society was founded in 1960 to promote good relations between the peoples of the UK and Nepal. We especially wish to foster friendship between UK citizens with a particular interest in Nepal and Nepalese citizens resident – whether permanently or temporarily – in this country.

A much valued feature of the Society is the ease and conviviality with which members of every background and all ages mingle together. Members are drawn from all walks of life including mountaineers, travellers, students, teachers, returned volunteers, aid workers, doctors, business people, members of the Diplomatic Service and the Armed Forces. The bond they all share is an abiding interest in and affection for Nepal and the Nepalese people.

Membership is open to those of all ages over 18 and a particular welcome goes to applications from those under 35.

The Britain-Nepal Academic Council was established on 23 May 2000 at a large meeting at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London of British academics and researchers interested in various aspects of Nepal. The objective of the Council is to promote academic and scholarly links between Britain and Nepal through, inter alia, collaborative research, exchange programmes and organisation of annual lectures, and seminars on areas of mutual interest to both British and Nepali academics and researchers. Prof. Surya Subedi, who was the founding chairperson of the Council, served in this capacity for ten years before handing over responsibilities to Prof. Michael Hutt in 2009. Prof. David Gellner, who is the current Chairman, took the position on 25 April 2014.

Health Exchange Nepal (HexN) is a charity organisation promoting exchange of medical knowledge, techniques, health professionals and equipment between Nepal and the UK.

The UK Nepal Friendship Society [UKNFS] is an inclusive UK-based INGO [international non-governmental organisation], also with a chapter in Nepal, that is projects-orientated (education, health and wellbeing, Nepali cultural heritage/arts, etc.). We are a not-for-profit, Companies House registered organisation (registration number: 8626011) with charitable objectives, that offers membership to all who share our vision and values and who wish to support our programmes and projects.

We work for the interests and voice of all members of the UK’s Nepali community, and for all in the United Kingdom that honour and seek to further inclusive multicultural values in our multiracial nation.

2015 - Health and Wellbeing of the Nepalese population: Access and experiences of health and social care services in the UK.

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