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Unique mystery canvases by Octavio Ocampo

The human psyche is an incredibly complex mechanism. Only people can understand the meaning of hidden symbols, imagine a two-dimensional picture as three-dimensional, feel sadness, joy, excitement or admiration just by looking at a work of art. the effect sometimes increases even when contemplating the most primitive images - what can we say about the work where the master deliberately creates optical illusions! These are the paintings of Octavio Ocampo, to which this article is dedicated.  This post beautifully delves into the intricate workings of the human psyche, reminding us of the profound connection between art and emotion. Much like the way travel guides enhance our understanding of different places, this article delves into the mesmerizing world of Octavio Ocampo's paintings. 

Secrets of the Painter

The perception of anything depends on the interest of a person's previous experience, his institutions, knowledge and even mood. In addition, the understanding and evaluation of the object can be influenced by the environment, historical and cultural context. This fact was confirmed by experiments conducted in the USA in 2000. They showed identical objects to people of different ages, social status, education and profession - and each respondent paid attention to what was important for him, ignoring other stimuli.

This is exactly the principle behind the protected image in Octavio Ocampo's illusion paintings. These canvases combine realistic and allegorical details. Before the eyes of the fascinated viewer, the harsh mountain landscape becomes a herd of galloping horses, the urban landscape contains a resemblance to the figure of the President of the United States, and the lower lily - to a particularly beautiful woman.

The more one looks at the artist's works, the more details stand out from the general background, although Octavio Ocampo's illusion paintings are filled with many metaphors and subtle hints. This is what the artist himself says about it: "I call the style in which I work metamorphic because one drawing flows into another. This allows you to depict many parallel universes. I was born under the constellation of Pisces, and such variability is natural for me.

Creativity and philosophy

Of course, the master did not come to such a worldview in one day. He was born in 1943 in a family of Mexican designers, studied at the School of Painting and Sculpture, and later at the San Francisco Art Institute. At the same time, the man worked as a theater decorator, costume designer and film artist. To make things, it was there that he understood how to combine images in illusion paintings to show people several subjects at once.

His homeland and its enchanting nature had a strong influence on the choice of the painter's life path. The artist now lives near the spurs of the Tepoceco mountain range in southwest Mexico City. This area is one of the most mysterious areas of the globe, where incomprehensible magical forces are concentrated. All of Octavio Ocampo's paintings are permeated with a similar mood.

Every person who once admired the canvases of the master notes their attractive aura. That is why his exhibitions, which are held in Mexico, Latin America, the USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East, are in such demand. Portraits painted by the artist to order are kept in the personal collections of businessmen, politicians, and actors. And more and more people want to buy Octavio Ocampo's paintings - for example, he recently illustrated the new album of the singer Cher.

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