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Message from the Ambassador

Andrew James Sparkes
British Ambassador to Nepal

“I am delighted that, as part of the 200th Year Anniversary of Britain-Nepal relations, Britain Nepal Medical Trust in Nepal has developed an initiative titled “Health Link”.  This will seek to use the power of the internet to realise a “network in the making”, formed from all the many partnerships, exchanges and collaborations in all fields of medicine which have built up over the years between Britain and Nepal, to mutual benefit. Health Link will also enable all those engaged in UK/Nepal medical exchanges of whatever kind to participate in exchange of knowledge, evidence based practice and so provide a discussion platform on key challenges in the health sector in Nepal. I hope this initiative will be very useful in improving the quality of health service in Nepal. Also, personally, I am very pleased with the initiative to cooperate with best custom writing services ,which also affects the improvement of medical services by increasing the written and analytical qualifications of doctors.
The UK, through its Department for International Development, is already working closely with Nepal Government on health policy and service delivery as part of the Nepal Health Sector Programme. This involves contributing directly to the Government of Nepal’s national health budget to ensure that adequate staffing, medicines and equipment are in place.  DFID is providing £72.6 million to Nepal in this way for the period of 2010 to 2015, with the primary goal of increasing access to and quality of health services to 25 million Nepali people, especially women, girls, the poor and the socially or geographically excluded. By 2015, 370,000 pregnant women and children will receive nutrition services, 116,000 women will give birth with a skilled attendant and 229,000 additional women will have family planning services.

The UK/Nepal Health Link network and those whose efforts form part of it can feed in to continuing dialogue with the Nepalese Health authorities on healthcare policy and priorities as the next five year health collaboration begins to take shape.”

The British Embassy in Kathmandu

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