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Acts & Regulations


  • Mental Health (Treatment and Protection) Act, 2006
    Download File [0.05MB]
  • Nepal Health Professional Council Act 2053 (1997)
    Download File [0.14MB]
  • The Act Relating to the Security of Health Workers and Health Institutions,2066 (2010)
    Download File [0.37MB]
  • The B.P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital Act, 2053 (1996)
    Download File [0.58MB]
  • The B.P.Koirala Institute of Health Sciences Act
    Download File [0.69MB]
  • The Human Body Organ Transplantation (Regulation and Prohibition) Act,2055 (Feb,1998)
    Download File [0.7MB]
  • The Infectious Disease Act, 2020 (1964)
    Download File [0.12MB]
  • The Martyr Gangalal National Heart Disease Conter Act, 2057 (2000)
    Download File [0.43MB]
  • The National Academy of Medical science Act, 2063 (2007)
    Download File [0.89MB]
  • The Nepal Health Research Council Act, 2047 (1991)
    Download File [0.35MB]
  • The Nepal Health Service Act, 2053 (1997)
    Download File [0MB]
  • The Nepal Medical Council Act, 2020 (1963)
    Download File [0MB]
  • The Nepal Nursing Council Act, 2052 (1996)
    Download File [0.82MB]
  • The Patan Academy of Health Sciences Act, 2064 (2008)
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  • Compilation of Health Acts and Regulations (in Nepali)
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  • नेपाल स्वास्थ्य व्यवसायी परिषद ऐन, २०५३
    Download File [0MB]
  • विफर नियन्त्रण ऐन, २०२०
    Download File [0MB]
  • निजी तथा गैरसरकारी स्वास्थ्य संस्था स्थापना, सञ्चालन नीति, मापडण्ड एवं पूर्वाधार निर्देशिका २०६१
    Download File [37.27MB]

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